St. John Bosco Preschool
A Program of IHC Schools serving the Watertown and Fort Drum Area

FAQ; Enroll!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your programs cost? The two-day, half-day program is $150 per month.  The three-day half-day program is $200 per month.  The five-day half-day program is $250 per month. Junior Kindergarten for 4 or 5-year olds is $400 per month. Some or all of your program fees may be tax-deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

How old does my child have to be?  Children in the 3-year programs must be 3 by October 31 and fully potty-trained.  Children in the 4-year old programs, including the 4-year old Junior Kindergarten section,  must be 4 by December 1 and fully potty-trained.  Children in the 5-year old Junior Kindergarten section must turn 5 by December 1 and be fully potty trained.

How many children are in a class?  Three year old classes have 12 students.  Four and five year old classes have 18 students.  All classes have a teacher and teacher's aide.

What are the starting and ending times?  The start time begins just after the older children arrive, and the end time ends just before the older children leave.  Please see the exact schedules here.

Is after-school care available?  Yes, for children four years old and older.

Is financial aid available?  No.  Financial aid is not available for our Pre-K and Junior-Kindergarten programs, but for grades K to 12.

If I have an older child in IHC, does the 20% multiple student discount apply to my Preschooler?  No.  The multiple student discount applies only for grades K to 12. There is a program for those that move on and finish at least Kindergarten. If you pay for 5-Day 1/2 program, you are eligible for a $200 credit to be received at the completion of Kindergarten. Or if you pay $4,000 for Jr. Kindergarten, you are eligible for a $400 credit, to be received at the completion of Kindergarten.


1. Call us as soon as possible to reserve a seat!  Then visit!

  • Call Kim at (315) 788-7011.  Sections fill fast at St. John Bosco!
  • Visit us at IHC Primary School, 122 Winthrop St., Watertown
  • Families currently in the IHC system have priority for slots until March 16, when open enrollment begins.

2.  Learn more about the St. John Bosco Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten programs!

  • Review the information on this website.
  • Give us a call (788-7011), visit the school with your child, meet the teachers and Principal.

3. Complete and turn-in the application!

  • Complete and turn-in the St. John Bosco Application, 2017-18.  Note: for confidentiality, the application does not submit online.  Please print and complete.
  • Please make sure you indicate your first and second choices for sections.  We try to accommodate everyone.  We appreciate your flexibility!
  • Turn the completed application, and any required documentation, into Kim at the Primary School front office, 122 Winthrop St., Watertown, 13601.  (315) 788-7011.
  • A$75 non-refundable registration fee, due by May 1st. After May 1st, goes up to $100. The payment of fee will be required before the school year begins or before participating in athletic practices.