Education Council


Next Education Council Meeting: November 27th, 6:00pm, IHC High School Library

Education Council Meetings will be generally held the 4th Tuesday of the Month, at 6:00pm.

Minutes and Agenda

2018-19 School Year

November 26th


October 23rd



September 25th



August 28th


August 14th, 2018



2017-18 School Year

July 31st, 2018



June 26th, 2018



May 29th, 2018


April 17th, 2018



March 27th, 2018


February 27th, 2018


January 16, 2018

November 28, 2017

October 24, 2017

September 26, 2017

August 22, 2017

May I Attend the Council Meetings, and/or Address the Council?

Yes. All Council meetings are open to the IHC community.

  • If the Council goes into “Executive Session” (for example, to discuss salaries or personnel issues), non-members will be asked to leave the room to allow for private deliberations.
  • The beginning of each Council meeting includes a period for public comment. Individuals who would like to address the Council are encouraged to notify the Council President in advance. The Council listens to concerns raised in the public comment period, but does not respond or comment at that time. The President will establish the timeframe to ensure all comments are heard.

What is the IHC Education Council, and What Does it Do?

The Immaculate Heart Central Schools Education Council is a Council of limited jurisdiction and is a joint venture of the Watertown parishes of St. Anthony’s Church, Church of the Holy Family, St. Patrick’s Church and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church. The Council develops policies that govern the operation of the IHC School System, as well as formulate policy for the planning, finances, advancement, public relations, and supervision of all administrative activities, subject to the policies of the Diocese of Ogdensburg, the New York Board of Regents, and the Commissioner of Education of the State of New York, as well as subject to Canon Law of the Catholic Church.

Who Can Serve on the Council?

The Council includes the pastors of the Watertown parishes, a pastor of an outlying parish within the Jefferson Deanery, and a Sister of Saint Joseph.

  • The Council also includes eleven lay members (two from each Watertown parish, one from an outlying parish, and two from the Fort Drum community).
  • Four of the lay members are appointed by the Watertown Pastors (one from each of the four Watertown Parishes)
  • The other seven are “at large” seats elected by the Education Council from a slate proposed by the Nominating Committee.
  • Council members must have a genuine interest in Catholic education, recognized expertise in areas related to the Council’s purpose, including but not limited to finance, buildings and grounds, law, education, human resources, information technology, non-profit leadership, and advancement. Council members must also be willing to commit a substantial amount of time to attend Council meetings, serve on committees, and support and attend related Council activities.
  • Council members (other than the non-voting Administrators) may not be paid employees of the Immaculate Heart Central School System nor immediate family members of employees.
  • The IHC Education Council follows the Code of Ethics for Catholic Board of Education Members, published by the National Catholic Educational Association.

How Do I Serve on the Council?

If you are interested in serving, you should contact your Pastor, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, or any member of the Council. Every year in May, two to three seats of the Council are open for election or re-election. Terms are for three years, renewable once, and run from July 1 to June 30. Vacancies will be announced on the IHC website and by other means. The Council’s Nominating Committee prepares a slate of interested candidates for voting by the full Council.

How Do I Serve on a Committee of the Council?

To serve on a Committee, contact the Committee Chairs listed below. All those who support IHC’s mission may be selected to serve on Committees of the IHC Education Council. The Committee Chair has primary responsibility to recruit Committee members.

The current committees are:

  • Finance
  • Advancement
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Evaluation

Committee Chairs and current members of the Committees will vote on prospective members. There is no set number of seats on each Committee; rather, the Committee determines a size necessary for informed consideration of the issues and which incorporates the necessary expertise and school community perspectives.

Mission Statement

Immaculate Heart Central School is a faith community whose mission it is provide quality Catholic and secular education, to cultivate holiness based on the love and imitation of Christ and to form responsible citizens whose Christian Values will transform the world.


Education Council Members (as of Nov 28, 2017)

Monsignor Robert Aucoin Pastor, Outside Wtn Adv. Chair
Father Steven Murray Pastor, Holy Family
Father Christopher Looby

Pastor, St. Anthony & St. Patrick
Father Jonas Tandayu Pastor; Sacred Heart
Sister Marie Cordata Sister of St. Joseph Representative
Mr. Ernie Reape Sacred Heart Representative

Mr. Michael Ledoux Holy Family Representative
Mrs. Maryanne Vespa Evaluation Chair, St. Anthony's Rep., & Secretary
Mrs. Michelle Graham St. Patrick Representative
Mr. John Kamide At-Large Rep.
Mrs. Tara Marzano At-Large Rep. Bldgs. & Grounds Chair
Ms. Mary O'Brien At-Large Rep.; Education Council Chair
Mrs. Kathy Granger
Finance Chair, Outside of Wtn Parish Representative
Non Voting
Mrs. Lynise Lassiter Principal of IHC School
Mr. Geoffrey Andrews High School Vice Principal

Mrs. Kari Conklin Primary Vice Principal