Hosting International Exchange Students has been an awesome and rewarding experience in our lives. These teenagers filled our home with life and joy that has bonded our families for all eternity. We reaped the rewards of learning their customs and heritage, making an appreciation of respect that allows the world to become a better place. They are family and forever in our hearts, proudly calling us Nonnie and Poppa.

This connection has been endless: an opportunity to travel to China, and their return visits for holiday vacations, are keeping the memories growing. We treasure "Our Blessings"!

~Elsie and Joe Mullin

Hosting International Students that attend IHC.

The past years have seen many girls from all over the world living at my home.Their parents trust us to learn and grow in knowledge of each other, our countries and our way of living day to day.It has been my pleasure to take the girls to local events as well as visit NYC at Christmas, the Jersey shore, various states and colleges they may wish to attend.I am grateful for the opportunity to share experiences with these young vibrant youth.

~Anita Lee, Watertown NY

Becoming a host parent has opened our family to new cultures. I initially wanted to do this program to help my children learn about cultural awareness, but my husband and I have to say we learned so much more than we expected. From the differences in food, to cost of living and the differences in our languages. There are also similarities as well. My son and host student share the same hobbies and sense of humor. If anyone were to ask me about hosting a foreign exchange student I would highly recommend it :)

~Colleen Pender

My IHC experience:

I came from southern China where there is only one season—summer. So, experiencing a snowy winter was always one of my dreams. The beautiful location of IHC was what first brought me to the school and it provided me with the opportunity to live that dream. Of course, three years at IHC gave me so much more. I was able to meet a few of my role models in life there, people who inspired me to be hard working and responsible, while also making many wonderful memories. All these things contributed to who I am today, and I'm proud to be a member of the IHC family.

~ Xiaohao Huang