Art Club
The Art Club provides an opportunity for students to meet after school and continue their interest in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design and ceramics.

Faith Community Service
Faith Community Service is an extremely active student activity that contributes in a myriad of ways to the local community, as well as conduct fundraisers for charitable priorities. Please visit the Faith Community Service page for more information.

New York Math League Team
IHC fields a team in the New York Math League, along with the majority of public, private and charter high schools in the state of New York. The New York Math League holds a variety of competitions throughout the year, and recognizes individual and team achievement.

Mystery Players
The IHC Mystery Players are a group of IHC Seniors who have made a personal commitment to become closer to our Lord and to each other through their experiences bringing their unique “prayer through presentation” to parishes throughout and beyond the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Each Advent and Lenten season, the Mystery Players bring the stories of Jesus’ birth and death on the cross to churches throughout the Northeast.

Performing Arts Club
The PAC is a club which brings together students who have a strong interest in the performing and visual arts. The events planned through this club are generally an extension of the chorus and band program, involving more people from within the school community. The PAC sponsors a Variety Show in the Fall, a beautiful Christmas pageant during Advent, and a school-wide theater production in the Spring. Additionally, students and parents are invited to join this group for their annual trip to one of the metropolitan areas to experience a professional performance.

Whiz Quiz Team
IHC High School students participate in the Whiz Quiz tournament TV program produced by Watertown’s WPBS station since 1980. The show airs on WPBS Mondays through Thursdays at 7:30 p.m in the months of October and November.

Yearbook Staff
The yearbook staff works all year writing, taking photographs, compiling, and laying-out material for the IHC “Cavalier.”

Senior Slide Show Committee
An IHC graduation tradition is the “senior slide show,” shared with the graduating class, their families and guests as part of graduation weekend. The show includes a compilation of photographs of the graduating seniors during their time in IHC schools – from Kindergarten on.