Faith Community Service

"We can do no great things. Only small things with great love." -Mother Theresa

Service. Compassion and selflessness made visible. A way to reach out to others. A training ground for a truly successful life. But also a way to make new friends. Learn new skills. And have fun!

Immaculate Heart Central’s Faith Community Service Program has a two-fold mission: to provide opportunities for our school body to live its faith while helping to meet some of the many needs of its local community. The FCS motto, “Carry Each Other,” is taken from Galatians 6:2 and speaks of our responsibility to care for each of our brothers whoever they may be.

Our program offers a broad palette of service opportunities and matches students who are ready and willing to help others with local agencies often desperate for volunteers and community members in need of a helping hand. IHC students donate on average 3,000 hours to the greater Watertown community each year.

FCS members rake leaves for the elderly, participate in community-wide tree plantings, serve at Dollar Dinners, help out at the Urban Mission, support local parish and community fundraising events, build drip irrigation kits for farmers in developing countries, provide in-school peer tutoring, assist with IHC system-wide events, maintain our chapel facility and are “on-call” for any community outreach requiring special assistance. Our students also participate in an Annual Summer Mission rehabilitating homes of families in need!

Get Involved today! Here's how:
1) Complete our Parental waiver/permission slip (download from our IHC Faith Community Service FB Group page or from Mrs. Minter-Powell, our FCS facilitator at IHC) and have your child return it to his / her HR teacher or to the main office. Please note: We keep track of all service activity hours. These hours may be used for Confirmation credit Sports / Scouting Service requirements and as a source for NHS / college / job recommendations.

2) Sign up for a service activity. It's easy:) FCS sign-ups happen the last week of each month. Students may stop by our Faith Community Service Table located outside of both lunches. Our FCS Coordinator, Mrs. Minter-Powell, will be available to answer any questions your child might have.
Or...Check out our in-school Faith Community Service Calendars. FCS monthly calendars with service opportunities, number of students needed, and amount of service credit hours for each event are posted inside our lunchroom in our "Events Display Case" located on the wall to the right of our faculty lunchroom.

  • Reminders are sent to our volunteers a few days before each event.
  • Check us out on the IHC Faith Community Service Facebook Group Page or... follow us on Instagram:)
  • Students may keep track of up-coming events, sign-up for activities and view photos of themselves and their friends…all on-line at our Group Facebook Page: IHC Faith Community Service or on Instagram @ Ihc_faith_community_service
  • Our FB group page shares upcoming events, allows students and chaperones to register online for activities and view photos from these events and ensures privacy by allowing access only to our FCS members. Instagram highlights student participation at our various volunteer events.

For additional information, contact Mrs. Minter-Powell at or text/call 315-783-5154