Handbooks & Policies

Handbooks/Dress Code

As a condition of enrollment, every student and parent is required to read and sign the receipt/acknowledgement form on the last page, AND return the form by September 19th, 2019. Junior/Senior High School or Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook. The handbook includes detailed information on the academic and spiritual program, tuition, parental involvement, school activities, rules and policies, books, transportation, standardized testing, and other topics.

K-6 Dresscode/Uniform Policy and Standards

7-12 Dresscode/Uniform Policy and Standards

IHC Junior-Senior High Parent-Student Handbook

IHC Elementary Parent-Student Handbook  

Grade 7-12 Physical Education Dress Up Day Dress Code

Student Insurance Program

IHC Junior/Senior High School has contracted with Chubb to provide coverage for accidental injury suffered by a student when:

  • Attending school during the day and the hours when school is in session including summer school
  • Traveling directly and without delay to and from the Insured Student;s residence and school for regular school sessions within one hour before school starts and one hour after school is over (longer if school bus required)
  • Participating in or attending scheduled activities which are organized, sponsored and continuously supervised solely by the school and school employees. Coverage is afforded for school-furnished and school supervised travel to and from such activities

Additional Coverage is afforded when a student participates in a school sponsored program such as:

  • Interscholastic Sports
  • Clubs, Intramural Sports
  • Job Shadowing
  • School to Work Programs
  • Summer School
  • Field Trips
  • including Work Wide Coverage

Claim Procedure.
If you student has an accidental injury and incurs medical expenses due to the injury you must report it to the school nurse and or Athletic Department within 60 days.

Concussion Policy

The IHC Junior/Senior High School Concussion Policy and Guidelines were developed with input from medical professionals to ensure the safety of our student-athletes.

IHC Concussion Guidlines and Procedures

Information Technology (IT) Acceptable Use Policy

IHC is committed to an educational environment that uses information technology to effectively support learning, provides authentic experiences using IT as students prepare to enter college and the workforce, and gives students appropriate flexibility to use their own mobile devices when it supports learning. This requires that all members of the school community follow clear and common ground-rules on the acceptable use of IT. Please read our IT policy!

IHC IT Acceptable Use Policy (August 2012)

Pesticide Notification Policy

Please download our Pesticide Notification Policy & Form