Student Leadership

Student Leadership OuttingImmaculate Heart High School encourages students to participate in student activities as a way of fostering and promoting their leadership abilities and their talents in specific areas of interest. The Activities Director works with all student leaders and moderators to insure the overall success of this program.

Student Government

Student leaders are encouraged to seek out ideas, opinions or concerns of the student body, to sponsor school-wide activities, to foster student leadership within the school community, to give support to student organizations, to act as a clearing house for activities, and to work as an advisory group with the administration for the well-being of the school community.

The Student Council consists of elected members who must maintain a passing average, demonstrate excellent attendance and good citizenship, and participate in service projects within the school community.

The Student Council is actively involved in planning and facilitating student-centered activities such as Pep Rallies, Orientations and Retreat Days. They also represent our school off campus at activities like Leadership Workshops offered by the local college, Public Policy Day in Albany, and special Masses around the Diocese.