The Immaculate Heart Central School Seal

The IHC seal is full of meaning!

The Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) represent Jesus Christ, who is at the center of all we do. The symbol M represents Mary, the mother of God and patroness of our school. The book represents the Holy Bible and our status as an educational institution.

The date of the school’s founding, originally as Immaculate Heart Academy, is 1881.

The shield is a traditional heraldic emblem, which signifies our allegiance to Jesus Christ. The color scheme signifies our school colors of blue and white.



The Immaculate Heart Academy and Immaculate Heart Central High School Alma Mater

IHA-IHC Alma Mater

Just above Black River’s waters with her banks so green;

Proudly stands our Alma Mater glorious to be seen.

Thou has the key, O Alma Mater, to chasten and refine.

O mount of Science and of Art, which elevate the mind.


Tho’ we may roam through foreign lands, thro’ orange groves and bowers.

Where songbirds sing their sweetest notes and fragrance fills the flowers.

We’ll not forget our Alma Mater, nor her maple groves.

That ole sequestered hallowed spot, where we so often roamed.


We hail, we hail thee, Alma Mater! Loyal ever be.

Where e’re we go, what e’er may come, with love we’ll turn to thee.

To you, dear Classmates, now adieu, we’ve labored side by side.

Let honest purpose be our aim; Alma Mater be our guide.