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Welcome Parents (and Grandparents)!

We hope this website is a useful resource to keep you informed about your child or childrens’ academic progress, events, news, and other important information.

Parents bring a special contribution by their experience, time and talent, and their unique understanding of their children. Each parent by extending and reinforcing Christian values and attitudes at home, enables the teachers to be more effective in their effort to instruct students. The more the parents care to become involved and assume their responsible educational role, the more Immaculate Heart Central can become a truly Christian educational community.

In addition to the information on this website, parents are required as a condition of their child’s enrollment to read the Student/Parent Handbook, which includes a great deal of additional information.

Academic Progress of Your Children

Online student progress is available on this website through the PowerSchool link at the top of the home-page and in the “Parents” menu. In school year 2013-2014, we will transition to a similar system known as MyStudentsProgress, which will be available at the same links. You will be given log-on credentials at the beginning of the school year. Parents are urged to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with his or her teachers. Parent-teacher conferences can be arranged by appointment with the teacher or through the Junior/Senior High School Guidance Department.

If a deficiency report is received by the parent, it is advisable for the parent to contact the teacher immediately and arrange for a conference regarding the deficiency.

Quick Links:

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School System Activities

Parents are urged to join the student body and the faculty in school activities. Activities include: school liturgies, sports events, various scholastic competitions, variety shows, dramatic performances, Mystery Plays, special system-wide events such as the Legacy Gala in Spring and the May Crowning in honor of Mary, publication of the IHC “Echo,” and support of advancement and fundraising activities.


IHC requests that each family contribute 10 hours of volunteer service during the school year.

Please check out the Volunteer Opportunities to see a list of the various projects and needs to which you can choose to contribute.