Faith Community Service

“Carry Each Other” ~ Galations 6:2

Watch this video! This year Immaculate Heart Central Jr/Sr High is entering into a partnership with the Girls Education Collaborative (based out of Buffalo, NY) to become a “Sister School” to the Kitenga Girls School in Kitenga, Tanzania. When Phase One of the school is completed in January of 2017 it will open its doors to young women who would otherwise be unable to afford schooling. Our goal is to help supply the school with its basic educational tools and to help it continue to grow. The Kitenga Girls School will be staffed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart and will include a library, science classrooms, and an on-site dormitory. It is an exciting new direction for our Annual Respect Life Initiative and provides our students with the chance to make a long-term difference in the lives of these young women. Your support is welcomed:)

Service. Compassion and selflessness made visible. A way to reach out to others. A training ground for a truly successful life. FUN!

Immaculate Heart Central’s Faith Community Service Program has a two-fold mission: to provide opportunities for our school body to live its faith while helping to meet some of the many needs of its local community. The FCS motto, “Carry Each Other,” is taken from Galatians 6:2 and speaks of our responsibility to care for each of our brothers whomever they may be.

Our program offers a broad palette of service opportunities and matches students who are ready and willing to help others with local agencies often desperate for volunteers and community members in need of a helping hand. At present FCS students pick up hammers for Habitat for Humanity, prepare and serve meals for the Salvation Army, help the elderly with “LEAF RELIEF,” call bingo at our County Home, assist the Watertown Urban Mission with its food and clothing programs for the poor, provide extra hands at area fund-raisers and Dollar Dinners, and help with activities for the disabled.

FCS members also provide in-school peer tutoring, maintain our chapel facility and are “on-call” for jobs requiring special assistance. Each year our 100-strong student volunteer program contributes over 2,000 hours in service to our school and to the greater Watertown community.

Get Involved – Students, Parents, and Faculty!

  • For additional information, email Mrs. Minter-Powell at
  • Complete a Parental Consent Form for IHC Faith Community Service.
    • Students, please return your Parental Consent Form to your homeroom teacher or to the office.
    • We keep track of all service activity hours. These hours may be used for Confirmation credit Sports/Scouting Service requirements and as a source for school/work recommendations.
  • Come to a Faith Community Service meeting!
    • FCS meets the last Tuesday of every month immediately after school in Mrs. Minter-Powell’s room 209.
    • Students learn about up-coming opportunities for service and may sign up for events.
  • Check out our in-school Faith Community Service Calendars.
    • Calendars with service opportunities, number of students needed, and amount of service credit hours are posted at the beginning of each month outside our chapel and room 209.
  • Join the IHC Faith Community Service Facebook Group Page!
    • In your Facebook searchbox, enter “IHC Faith Community Service.” Click on the second FCS image. Click “join.”
    • Keep track of up-coming events, sign-up for activities and view photos of you and your friends…all on-line!
    • Our group page shares upcoming events, allows students and chaper0nes to register online for activities and view photos from these events, and ensures privacy by allowing access only to those registered.