Respect Life Initiative

For their 9th Annual Respect Life Initiative, our students are entering into a partnership with the Girls Education Collaborative (based out of Buffalo, NY) to become a “Sister School” to the Kitenga Girls School in Kitenga, Tanzania. When Phase One of the school is completed in January of 2017 it will open its doors to young women who would otherwise be unable to afford schooling. Our goal is to help supply the school with its basic educational tools and to help it continue to grow. The Kitenga Girls School will be staffed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart and will include a library, science classrooms, and an on-site dormitory. It is an exciting new direction for our Annual Respect Life Initiative and provides our students with the chance to make a long-term difference in the lives of these young women. Your support is welcomed:)

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IHC 9th Annual Respect Life Initiative (It is incorrectly labeled 8th)

While our Faith Community Service program helps students stretch themselves in service here in our immediate community, Immaculate Heart Central’s Annual Respect Life Initiative offers a different lesson in service. This annual initiative challenges our students to answer the age-old question of “who exactly is our neighbor?”.

Begun when our school raised funds to assist those suffering from the genocide in Darfur, IHC’s Respect Life Initiative seeks to educate our students about the concerns of our broader global community. Since then our students have helped build wells in Central Africa, assisted AIDS orphans in Ethiopia, helped provide brighter futures for the slum children of Guatemala and Honduras, provided anti-malarial nets to hundreds of families at risk and supported the street children of Djibouti. In 2015 they established a medical fund for children in Nepal who sustain limb threatening injuries while working to help support their families.

Not only does our annual initiative call our students to action, it teaches them the tools necessary to effect change, tools limited only by their imaginations. With 10 hour fasts and 5 mile walks, with bake sales and car washes, dodge ball tournaments and badminton showdowns, our students have learned first-hand that anyone can be an instrument of change. In the process they gain confidence in their abilities to lead and inspire others while truly making a difference in someone’s life.