Student Retreat

Each year, the IHC Junior/Senior High School students participate in a student retreat — an entire day focused on the heart of IHC’s mission: “to cultivate holiness based on the love and imitation of Christ.” The idea is for students to step back from the normal school day and grow spiritually.

The retreat always begins with Mass in the morning, followed by a series of activities.

Last year, the student retreat featured the renowned Catholic speaker Justin Fatica, whose “Hard as Nails” ministry, the subject of an HBO documentary, has been been featured on ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America, and the New York Times. Justin’s uniquely intense style connected with our students, exposed to so-many “in your face” competing messages on TV, the Internet, and video games.

This year, the retreat featured nationally known pro-life speaker Bryan Kemper, whose personal story riveted students while at the same time stimulating them to think more broadly of God’s role in their own lives.

The retreat also includes the IHC Mystery Players enacting their Advent presentation of the birth of Jesus.

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