Spaghetti Bridge Competition

IHC Students have participated in the JCC Spaghetti Bridge Competition annually for over 10 years. Every year, High School and Middle School Students in the area gather and compete for prizes and trophies.

The Spaghetti Bridges are made under specific rules and regulations, using mainly Spaghetti and Glue Guns. They are then tested by their best load to weight ratio. For more information :

We'd like to thank Dr. Paul Carr, an Engineering Professor at Cornell University and an IHC alumnus, and Mr. Wayne Thompson, an engineer from Bernier, Carr & Associates for assisting and leading the program. High School Teachers Mr. Ben Smith and Mrs. Christine Missert also mentored the students.

2017 Team:

Junior High Team: KCK Noodles
(Katharine Thomas, Camden Rickman & Kaitlin DaSilva)
Coach: Christine Missert

High School Team #1: Mission Impastable- The 2nd Chapter
(Armeet Ajula, Jacob Biggs, Graham Rowland, Dylan Winslow)
Coaches: Christine Missert & Ben Smith

High School Team #2: MC Delta T
(Connor Way, Amanda McElheran, John Tyler, Megan Welch)
Coach: Ben Smith