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Where tomorrow's disciples are shaped today

Since the Sisters of Saint Joseph began this ministry in 1881, Immaculate Heart Central has served the Diocese of Ogdensburg to cultivate academic excellence, holiness, and responsible citizenship among K-12 students in the greater Watertown area and beyond. 

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Welcome to
Immaculate Heart Central School!

Immaculate Heart Central (IHC) is a PreK through 12th grade Catholic school under the guidance and support of the Bishop of the Diocese of Ogdensburg. We support the Catholic Church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel for lifelong personal growth, social development, and faith formation. Rooted in Gospel values, humanities, and science, we form the whole person; body, mind, and soul.


In this Christ-centered environment, our students participate in a variety of activities, including athletics, music, performing arts, and faith community service. IHC fosters a vision and desire in students to develop as individuals and members of families and to continue their growth as Catholics and believers, influencing society and the world. 



What Our Students Are Saying:

          Being a part of IHC is like the song [from Cheers], "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," because we are all part of one

big family. 

Ryan Goss, Class of 2021


What Our Alumni Are Saying:

          IHC has prepared me more than I ever could have imagined. Education is extremely important to both me and my family, and this school has taught me so much more than academics. IHC's focus has been and always will be faith, and in helping the students become both successful and spiritual people. They encourage both individuality and at the same time give enough structure to help students blossom into the next generation of not only great thinkers but genuinely good people. I would not trade my time there for anything.

Samantha Farone, Class of 2020


What Our Parents Are Saying:

          IHC has provided our girls, both of whom have dramatically different academic needs, with a solid, faith-based as well as a strong, secular education. The dedicated administration and staff value each student for their uniqueness and strengths and promotes an environment that encourages them on a daily basis.  Immaculate Heart Central is the cornerstone for who they will become.

Brandon & Erin Cooney, Class of 1993

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