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Bell Schedules


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Schedule B
Schedule C
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Schedule P
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How to create your FACTS account & view grades


How to change FACTS password

  • Go to FACTS Login Page and click "Forgot password?".

  • Enter IH-NY as the district code and your username (which should be your IHC Email)
    • If you receive an error "Could not find user associated with that username", visit the IT office for help.
  • Go to your Gmail and click on the link that is sent by FACTS Support.
  • Change your password!

How to change your Google password

  • Please go to the IT office, you cannot reset your Google password yourself.


My keyboard isn't typing the correct letters

  • Most likely, your keyboard language has been switched. This happens by accidentally hitting the shortcut for this (Ctrl + Spacebar).

  • Click on the time on the bottom right of your taskbar.

  • Click on Keyboard.

  • Select English (US) as your input method.


My screen is zoomed in/out

  • If only your Google Chrome is zoomed in, press "Ctrl" and "-" to zoom out. Press "Ctrl" and "+" to zoom in.

  • If your OS is zoomed in (for example your taskbar is much larger/smaller), press "Ctrl + Shift" and "-" to zoom out. Press "Ctrl + Shift" and "+" to zoom in.
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