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The Virtual High School

We are so excited to announce that Immaculate Heart Central School has partnered with The Virtual High School! 

Virtual High School Site Coordinator: Karen Montondo (


Immaculate Heart Central School partnered with Virtual High School (VHS) to offer selected 6- 12 grade students the opportunity to expand their educational experience and participate in an asynchronous online course that is not offered at IHC.

Students who enroll in a VHS course will be taught by a certified teacher in their subject area. What’s more, students will be able to complete Advanced Placement, Honors, credit recovery, middle school, and summer school courses at anytime and anyplace.


VHS offers challenging classes for students across ability levels and students are monitored by a Site Coordinator, a certified IHC faculty member, to ensure that they successfully complete the courses.


Middle school students also have access to high quality and challenging classes, such as sign language, computer programming, foreign languages, including Portuguese, video game design, screenwriting, and much more.


One of our rising seniors recently enrolled in the one-semester Honors Animal Behavior and Zoology class and more students have begun to reach out about registering for courses. Other high school courses include AP Music Theory, AP Human Geography, AP Art History, Climate Science, Biochemistry, Forensic Science, Italian, and even Kindergarten Apprentice Teacher!


All students who are interested in taking a VHS course must complete an application. Applications must be reviewed by the Principal and the VHS Site Coordinator. Students who demonstrate good time-management skills and have a history of completing assignments successfully and on time, will be eligible to take an online course. Students who have schedule conflicts or require a more flexible schedule will also benefit greatly from what VHS has to offer.


The Virtual High School and/or its programs/courses are accredited by The Middle States Association, AdvancED, and the NCAA. Flex and summer courses are not NCAA approved.

Visit the Virtual High School website for general and course information

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