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St. John Bosco Preschool

A special place for your child to start the journey with Jesus!

Welcome to the St. John Bosco Preschool, part of Immaculate Heart Central School!

Our preschool is modeled after the practices and work of St. John Bosco, who believed in placing children in positive surroundings where they could grow in all areas of development.

We offer full day programs for 4yr olds & 5yr olds

Four-year-olds must turn four prior to December 1st and be potty-trained; Five-year-olds must turn 5 before December 1st.

We are able to give “young 5’s” that extra year to ensure they are ready for Kindergarten and beyond

We offer what other school systems do not... the gift of time!

Our Jr.-K five year old class gives children a safe, positive, and nurturing full day classroom experience before their kindergarten year. Classroom activities are planned across all subject areas, including reading, writing, math, science, social studies and religion.

Social and self-help skills are a major part of our day

Students also take part in art, gym and music classes, and attend school masses, prayer services and school assemblies.

We also offer the Junior Kindergarten four-year-old section for those who are ready for a full day of school!

We are sure you will find your child’s learning experience here to be the beginning of an exciting journey!

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