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"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." 
                                                                                   -Matthew 5:4


Mary E. Powell

Class of '96

With heavy hearts, we remember Mary, who was taken from us far too soon, leaving behind a legacy of kindness, joy, and cherished memories.

You can read Mary's Obituary Here


Victor Leon

Class of '62

In cherished memory of Victor, a beacon of love and kindness whose legacy continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who knew and loved him.

You can read Victor's Obituary Here

Merrylyn Slate.jpg

Merrylyn Slate

Class of '59

As we mourn the loss of Merrylyn, we kindly request your prayers for the enduring strength and consolation of her family.

You can read Merrylyn's Obituary Here


Theresa M. Puccia

Class of '49

In memory of Theresa, please keep the bereaved family in your thoughts and prayers, offering them solace and strength during this time of profound loss.

You can read Theresa's Obituary Here

James P. DiStefano Jr..jpeg

James P. DiStefano Jr.

Class of '67

In the remembrance of James, please join us in prayer, uplifting his family with compassion and strength during this somber time.

You can read James' Obituary Here


Arthur V. Sboro

Class of '69

Rest in peace Art. Your memory lives on through your legacy here and through your beautiful family. May our Blessed Mother be with them during this time.

You can read Art's Obituary Here.

Barbara A. Hulbert.jpg

Barbara A. Hulbert

Class of '65

In loving memory of Barbara, whose presence brought joy and warmth to all who knew her, and whose legacy will forever remain in our hearts.

You can read Barbara's Obituary Here

Mario Martini.jpg

Mario Martini

Class of '48

As we bid farewell to Mario, let us unite in prayer, asking for strength and solace for the grieving hearts of his beloved family.

You can read Mario's Obituary Here

Joan Henry.jpg

Joan Henry

Class of '53

In the midst of our grief for the loss of Joan, we invite you to join us in prayer, lifting the family in their time of sorrow and seeking solace in the embrace of faith.

You can read Joan's Obituary Here


Thomas P. Costanzo

Class of '63

In the wake of Thomas' passing, we humbly request your prayers to bring solace and resilience to the grieving hearts of his family.

You can read Thomas' Obituary Here


Patricia A. DeTraglia

Class of '61

In the loving memory Patricia, may we collectively lift prayers for comfort and resilience to envelop her family as they navigate this difficult journey of loss

You can read Patricia's Obituary Here


Rosemarie Coleman

Class of '56

In loving remembrance of Rosemarie, whose life was a testament to faith, love, and unwavering devotion, leaving behind a legacy of compassion that will continue to resonate through the hearts of those she touched.

You can read Rosemarie's Obituary Here


Joan Collette

Class of '53

In this time of sorrow, we humbly ask for your prayers to bring comfort and strength to Joan's grieving family.

You can read Joan's Obituary Here


George A. Grappotte, Sr.

Class of '47

As we remember and celebrate the life of George, we ask for your heartfelt prayers to provide comfort and strength to his family during this challenging time.

You can read George's Obituary Here


Amy C. O’Connor

Class of '75

As we mourn the loss of Amy, we earnestly invite you to extend your prayers, offering solace and strength to her family as they navigate through this period of sorrow.

You can read Amy's Obituary Here


Joseph R. Baytos Jr.

Class of '66

Rest in peace Joe, we know you are smiling down on us. We pray for Joe's family, that they be comforted by our Blessed Mother Mary.

You can read Joe's Obituary Here

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