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2024 Raffle Ticket Challenge
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Dear Families,

The Advancement Committee welcomes you to the 3rd Annual IHC Raffle Challenge.  Last year, we were able to raise just over $24,000 for the school and we believe we can exceed that amount this year. As you may know, tuition only covers a portion of the cost to educate a child at IHC.  Last year, the cost to educate each child at IHC was $8,077.  Advancement efforts, such as the raffle, help to defray the costs of operating our school.  Every dollar raised helps!  

Let me explain. The raffle tickets are $100 each. If all 1000 tickets are sold, we have the potential to raise $60,000 to help advance our mission. The tickets run on a 60/40 split. The 60% will go to the School and the remainder will be paid out in prize money to the winners:

  • 1st Prize Winner: 25% of the total amount collected

  • 2nd Prize Winner:10% of the total amount collected

  • 3rd Prize Winners (5 total): $1000 each

  • 4th Prize Winners (10 total): $200 each


Last year, we sold just over 300 tickets.  The 1st Prize was over $8,000 (Tax Forms are filled out for any winnings over $1000).  This year, we are asking your help with getting tickets out to as many people as we can to increase our potential to raise $60,000. Included with this letter, you will find (2) tickets TO SELL. We are not expecting families to buy these tickets (unless they want).   However, everyone usually knows someone that likes to take a chance.  Last year, we had groups of people buy single tickets.  Payment of $100 per ticket can be cash or check.   If you would like to use a credit card, the cost is $104 per ticket and can be processed by calling the High School office at (315)788-4670.

Sold and unsold tickets need to be returned to IHC, no later than May 8th..  This will give us time to record everything and get one last chance to sell the unsold tickets, if necessary. The drawing will occur during the IHC “Spring Fling” (Gala) on Friday, May 10th and can be viewed via Facebook Live. 

If you are not able to sell the tickets, please return them as soon as possible.  However, if you like to sell and think you can do more, just let us know! As an incentive this year, for every (5) tickets sold by a family, that family will receive (1) free ticket for themselves.

If you have any questions or would like more tickets, please contact Mary O’Brien (mary.o’ or call IHC Jr./Sr. High School at (315) 788-4670.

Thanks for your help and support!

Want to buy a raffle ticket?

Contact Mary O'Brien (mary.o'

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