The Guidance Department offers a variety of services:

  • Course selection and counseling for all students 7-12
  • Academic planning and goal-setting.
  • Student counseling.
  • Consultation with parents and staff, including community referrals, and consultation with home school districts regarding educational testing or Individual education plan (IEP)/504 Plan services.
  • Peer tutoring. Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers after school for extra help whenever they are experiencing difficulty in any of their academic subjects. Peer tutoring is offered as needed to supplement classroom instruction in grades 7-12 Students may self refer, or be referred by teachers and/or parents. Tutors are chosen and trained by the school counselors.
  • Tutoring (math, science, English, social studies, and test prep) for students of military servicemembers is available through The program is funded by the DoD MWR Library Program and the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.
  • Test preparation for ACE, PSAT, NY State Assessments and other exams.
  • College preparation guidance for students and parents, including:

Contact Us

  • Call us at (315) 788-4670, extension 2.
  • Email us at or joyce.pignone@ihcschool.og