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IHC to Livestream Athletic Events

IHC Athletic Events are available to watch on our new Pixelot camera system.


In the fall, Section III and the NYSPHSAA partnered with NFHS to provide a new high tech, Pixelot camera system in all NYS schools. Many of us took advantage of this, and many more will do so next year. NFHS provide all equipment free, and the installation was paid by a donor. There is a subscription cost of $10.99 for 30 days, or a cost of $69.99 for a full year subscription. I understand the cost is an inconvenience, but after investigating the program it was the right decision for our school. There are other schools in our area that are streaming their events on YouTube for free. Please keep in mind that for most of those schools this is a temporary solution. Most public schools have AV and Tech departments that cover these services with employees and students, which we don’t have. In the upcoming months you will see other schools in our area move to our system.

When subscribing to the NFHS system you will be able to watch any event on the system, not just IHC events. There is also a coaching application that allows our coaches to review games and break down those contests. This is a valuable piece of the product. We hope this is a resource you could use during these Covid times, but we are looking forward to the time when we can all come out in person to watch our student athletes in person.

If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Department at 315-788-4670, ext. 2.

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